The cottages

The cottages are equipped with small kitchens where you can cook all your meals. They also have a small refrigerator with a small freezer.
All cottages have 2 bedrooms a bathroom with a toilet & shower.
The 5 and 6 bed cabins have an open fire place, fire wood can be purchased on site. In all cabins except cabin 111 pets are welcome , pls check with us before you book.
Free WiFi in all cabins and you can park your car just outside your cabin.EV Charging outside reception and outside cabin 107 & 108


Open fire place in all 5 & 6 bed cabins

18 hole minigolf track

Reception where you can buy coffe and ice cream

Double bed in the 6 bed cabins 

Example of beds in the 4 bed cabins

Kitchen in the 5 bed cabin. You can buy firewood from us. 

4 bed cabins behind the playground


6 bed cabin "tarr säng" old traditional Dala bed

Spring is coming



Granberget i Vinterskrud

Vi har öppet även på vintern med fantastiska längspår i omgivningarna och nära till Granberget 

Web Kamera Granbergets topp